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TERRAGENE Chemdye Bowie Dick Test Card Kit


KBD8948X / Bowie & Dick test card kit for Steam sterilization processes, includes Bowie & Dick-Test Card Chemical Indicators and holder.

Chemdye® Bowie & Dick Test Card has been designed to monitor the effectiveness of air removal in vacuum-assisted steam sterilizers operating at 134 ºC, 3.5 minutes / 132 °C, 4 minutes.

Chemdye® Bowie & Dick Test Card should be used daily, after a sterilizer is installed or relocated, after malfunction, sterilization process failures and any major repairs of the sterilizer. Chemdye® Bowie & Dick Test Card consists of a Type 2, metals free chemical indicator. Cycle information can be recorded on the back of the indicator, thus allowing a permanent record of the process.

Chemical indicator changes from purple to green when processed. An heterogeneous color change, i.e the presence of purple color, indicates presence of an air pocket during the sterilization cycle, thus indicating sterilizer malfunction.

Chemdye® Bowie & Dick Test Card must be used daily, before the first sterilization cycle of the first load. A shortened cycle (i.e., a cycle omitting the post vacuum drying phase) should be run first to properly heat up the sterilizer.

Instructions for use

1. Insert the Chemdye® Bowie & Dick Test Card in a Chemdye® holder or a similar suitable one with the chemical indicator side facing up. Place it in horizontal position on the bottom rack, near the drain of the empty sterilizer.

2. Run the cycle for no longer than 3.5 min. – 134 ºC / 4 min. – 132 ºC. Long drying phases may cause the indicator to turn to other uniform shades of green.

3. After the cycle is over, remove and examine the chemical indicator.

4. Introduce data indicated at the back of the card and keep it as a permanent record.


Additional Information: 

Brand: Chemdye

Process: Steam

Packaging: 1 holder + 120 test cards

Initial Color: Purple

Final Color: Green

Indicator Type: Type 2 Chemical Indicator

Regulations: ISO 11140-1, ISO 11140-4


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