DENTSPLY Disposa-Shield Barriers


Disposa‑Shield from Dentsply ensures that you can benefit from a ?state‑of‑the‑art? system to provide the solution to your cross‑infection needs, offering barrier protection to those awkward handpiece assemblies. Furthermore, avoiding the use of chemical disinfectant may prolong the life of plastic coverings. Disposa‑Shield provides 5 different barrier systems, which combine clarity and strength to give effective protection for your patients and all the dental team.

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10.5 x 14 in, 24 x 2 in, 3.5 x 6.75 in, 6.625 x 2.25 in, 7.75 x 1.25 in, Covers


175/box, 500/box

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Air/Water Syringe Cover, Hose Cover, Midwest Handpiece Sleeves, RDH Freedom Cordless HP Covers, T-Bar Light handle Cover, Tray Cover