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CHEETA Label Dispenser Load ID w/ User Initial Starter Kit


CHEETA Label Dispenser STARTER KIT: Sterilization Load ID Applicator w/ User Initials

Starter Kit Includes: 1 Label Dispenser, 13 Rolls of Labels & 2 Ink Rollers

Easily Comply with Infection Control Guidelines!

The Perfect System to Label, Organize and Track your Sterilized Packs.

Easy-to-Use: The CHEETA dispenser gun is compact, easy to set, easy to load and easy to dispense.

High Quality: The CHEETA dispensers are sturdy and well designed. All products are manufactured in Italy.

Special Label Features: Unlike any other label system on the market, this Dispenser has the ability to print the operator’s initials as well as the date, load, tray, and unit #. The labels come in 3 different colours with an indicator strip that changes colour after sterilization has taken place. Tip: we suggest using a different colour label for each sterilizer.

Increases Efficiency: With a click of a button, the Dispenser prints the date, unit, tray and load number on each pack. This eliminates handwriting, reduces operator error, makes tracking, identification and compiling with Ministry of Health Regulations an easier task.

Unique Dual-Label Feature: The unique dual-label system is designed to make record keeping easier and more efficient. Apply the dual-label to the pack to be sterilized. After sterilization, the top portion of the label can be removed from the pack and placed directly onto your patient’s record or your logbook, saving you twice the time!

Easy-to-Use: The dispenser gun is compact, easy to set, easy to load and easy to dispense.

CHEETA Label Dispenser Sell Sheet:  CHEETA Label Dispenser – Sell Sheet

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