SSW Piranha Single-Use Diamond Curretage Bur


Why choose Piranha® single‑patient‑use diamonds? Over 550 shapes, sizes and grits, sterile and single‑wrapped in packs of 25. Wide choice of short shanks and shorter‑than‑short shanks for improved access. Clinicians save 52% in rotary instrument and sterilization costs, $4,200 in chair time savings, by switching from a multi‑use diamond to a Piranha® Single‑Patient‑Use Diamond (based upon 250 crown preparations/year). Have you told your patients they are worthy of a new diamond? For patient safety and your convenience, Piranha single‑patient‑use diamonds are individually packaged and sterile. Eliminate risk of cross‑contamination. Piranha® cuts as fast as pricier alternatives, at a fraction of the cost. Recapture time associated with cleaning, sterilizing and re‑using multi‑use diamonds.

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