DENTSPLY UniGrip 360 Universal Sensor Holders


Uni‑Grip® 360 is a series of universal disposable holders that help you save tiUni‑Grip 360 for a Faster FMX! The Rinn Uni‑Grip holder is designed to produce an entire full mouth series using only one holder. Sliding the bitepiece along the channels enables you to take anterior, posterior and bitewing x‑rays. One per procedure is all you need. 84% of users found Uni‑Grip 360 to be faster than their current holders. Easy Rotating Tab for posterior, anterior and bitewings. Adjustable Positioning Range ‑ Capture more incisal or apical as needed. Less Risk of Cord Pull ‑ use with relaxed fit bags. Works with any Size 1 and Size 2 Sensors. More positioning range ‑ 70% more posterior, 25% more anterior. Perforated adhesive tabs for fast, easy removal. Compact design means less bulk for smaller during digital radiograph procedures.

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