MEDICOM Master Series Masks


Engineered with Simply Soft? technology for luxurious softness and comfortable fit without compromising protection or breathability. Available in all 3 levels of ASTM protection and in a variety of vibrant colours for a look as personalized as the care you provide.

We do everything we can to ensure the prices on our website are updated, and we try to keep our prices constant. Due to uncontrollable circumstances, the manufacturers sometimes need to change their prices resulting in our prices adapting. Because of this, the prices of an out?of?stock item cannot and will not be honored in the event our manufacturers increase their prices.

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Augusta Sky, Azalea Festival, Blue, Bright Fuchsia, Georgia Sun, Green, Lush Lawn, Orange, Orange Burst, Purple, Royal Blue, Sky, Southern Bellflower, Vibrant, Vibrant Green

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