MEDICOM FreeFlow Earloop Masks


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Innovative contoured pleats create a unique pocket that allows air to flow freely. Ideal for those who feel claustrophobic in ordinary masks. A unique fog‑free strip is integrated into the adjustable nosepiece to prevent fogging and ensure clear vision when wearing loupes or protective eyewear. Soft, strong, ultrasonically sealed earloops have ample length to prevent pulling and friction. Non‑woven, the spun‑bonded outer shell provides maximum fluid resistance without compromising breathability and will not lint, tear or shred. Ultrasonically sealed mask body eliminates rough edges that can irritate and scratch and helps prevent holes and defects. 50 masks/box.

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Blue, Lavender, Pink

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95% BFE Level 1, 98% BFE Level 2, 98% BFE Level 3