DENTSPLY O-Rings for Cavitron Inserts FSI, FSI-SLI, TFI, 25 & 30K Black 12/pk


Steri‑Mate Handpiece is detachable and autoclavable. The handpiece cable with swivel allows 330° rotation designed to provide ergonomic benefits by reducing cable drag and provides assurance against cross‑contamination. The Steri‑Mate Light is a steam autoclave sterilizable multi‑use disposable accessory for the 30K Steri‑Mate sterilizable handpiece. The light easily slides on the Steri‑Mate handpiece for use with all 30K Cavitron Inserts. The light provides optimal light intensity without requiring an external powersource and operates at all power settings including the low power Cavitron Blue Zone.

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