MICRYLIUM BioTEXT Multi-Purpose Surface Disinfectant


BioTEXT?is the only clinical disinfectant specifically designed for use on delicate surfaces. It is proven to kill benchmark organisms on naugahyde, leather, vinyl and rubber surfaces. Ideal for tubing, fabrics, carpets, touch screens and soft plastic surfaces such as keyboards.

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5 L, 710 ml, One Size


Essential Oils


8 Pouches + 2 Cannisters/Case (100 Wipes/Pouch), 8 Pouches/Case (100 Wipes/Pouch), each

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Empty Spray Bottle, Spray Bottle, Wipes, Wipes and Canisters

Product Number

MIC-01-TEXT-704, MIC-TEXT-005, MIC-TXWI-800, MIC-TXWI-802