DENTSPLY Genie VPS Impression Material


Genie™ is a vinyl polysiloxane (VPS) impression material. Exceeds ISO 4380 standards for consistency, strain in compression, and detail reproduction. Ultra Hydrophilic chemistry provides better results in wet oral environments. Excellent flow characteristics under pressure for better surface coverage. Exceptional batch‑to‑batch consistency for predictable results every time. Clean and easy dispensing from Type 50 dispenser gun.

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Blue, Green, Orange, Purple


300 ml, 50ml


Mint, Berry



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Bite Reg Fast Set, Bite Reg Super Fast Set, HB Rapid Set, HB Standard Set, LB Rapid Set, LB Standard Set, Putty Rapid Set, Putty Standard Set, RB Rapid Set, RB Standard Set, SLB Standard Set, XLB Rapid Set

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DS-77600, DS-77605, DS-77615, DS-77625, DS-77650, DS-77655, DS-77640N, DS-77645N, DS-77620N, DS-77630N, DS-77635N