DENTSPLY IRM Intermediate Restorative Material


IRM Intermediate Restorative material is designed for intermediate restorations intended to remain in place for up to one year. The eugenol content in the polymer‑reinforced zinc oxide‑eugenol composition gives the material sedative like qualities on hypersensitive tooth pulp and is a good thermal insulator as well. IRM may also be used as a base under cements and restorative materials that do not contain resin components, such as amalgams, and inlays and onlays. Among the many other applications are: emergency placement prior to complete treatment, endo access openings, pedo teeth that will soon exfoliate, and caries management programs. Its strength properties approach those of zinc phosphate cement. Other physical‑related clinical advantages include: excellent abrasion resistance good sealing properties and low solubility. This material is available in an ivory shade via capsule or a powder liquid hand‑mix delivery.

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Ivory, White


50/box, each, Kit

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14 ml Liquid Refill, 38 g Bottle Powder Refill, 38 g Capsules, 38 g Powder &14 ml Liquid