iBond Self Etch is a light‑curing, self‑etching, all‑in‑one adhesive. You perform etching, priming, bonding and desensitization in only one step! iBond Total Etch is the light curing Etch & Rinse (2‑Step) bonding system that shows how easy and convenient bonding it is to work with the proven Total Etch technique. iBond Universal is the universal, light‑curing adhesive for any bonding technique and all indications. Being compatible with all dental materials, it is the all‑rounder for reliable bond strength.

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Green, Yellow


4 ml, Single Dose


3/box, 50/pk, each

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Total Etch Refil Kit, Total Etch Single Dose, Total Etch Value Pack, Universal Etch Adhesive Refill


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