COLTENE DuoTEMP Dual-Cure White Temporary Filling Material


DuoTEMP is a dual‑curing temporary filling material. It is a white‑colored material that is eugenol‑free, radiopaque and is formulated from zinc oxide and zinc sulphate for optimal protection from the infiltration of bacteria. DuoTEMP can be cured using both light and saliva. After only 40s of light curing the patient can immediately load the material. DuoTEMP guarantees an outstanding marginal seal due to its slight expansion using only one material, which has been designed for multiple indications. Its pleasant flavour and natural tooth‑like feeling help optimize patient comfort during the temporization procedure. DuoTEMP`s single‑component material does not require mixing for easy, time saving application. It also delivers sufficient retention in the cavity; and is easy to remove. Dual‑curing. High marginal seal due to slight expansion. Good retention, easy removal. Contains zinc oxide and fluoride for additional protection. Eugenol‑free ‑ no effect on the curing of composites. Radiopaque. With nice flavour. One material for multiple indications: Temporary seal for endodontic applications. Temporary seal for inlay / onlay preparations.

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