KULZER Charisma Universal Composite Filling Material


Based on our expertise and long‑term experience with Charisma, we improved the formula in order to keep this popular universal composite up to date. While your personal habits for using Charisma remain unchanged, the ceramic‑reinforced formula ensures long‑lasting natural results with even more ease of application. With the ceramic‑reinforced formula, you handle single‑shade layering techniques ever so easily. The newly added ceramic fillers enable vital shades and an improved shade match. This in turn increases the well‑known chameleon effect which helps meet patients" demands for natural and long‑lasting restorations all over the world. More than ever, Charisma stands for natural restorations made easy: Easy modelling through its creamy consistency, Its radiopacity enables a safe and reliable diagnosis, Excellent finishing and polishing properties.

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Shade 0A3.5, Shade A1, Shade A2, Shade A3, Shade A3.5, Shade C4, Shade OA2, Shade OA3


0.25 g, 4 g


10/box, 20/box, each

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PLT, Syringe