DENTSPLY Engine Driven Gates Glidden Drills Maillefer


Maillefer Gates Gliddens: Can be used in any right‑angle handpiece to enlarge the coronal portion of the canal for bulk removal of tooth structure. Are notched for easy size identification. Available in standard (32 mm) and short (28 mm) lengths. ISO color‑coded to indicate cutting diameter.

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Assorted Colours, Green, Red, White, Yellow


#1 x 28 mm, #1 x 32 mm, #1-6 x 28 mm Assorted, #1-6 x 32 mm Assorted, #2 x 28 mm, #2 x 32 mm, #3 x 28 mm, #3 x 32 mm, #4 x 28 mm, #4 x 32 mm, #5 x 28 mm, #5 x 32 mm, #6 x 28 mm, #6 x 32 mm