CROSSTEX Safe-Flo Evacuation System


Safe‑Flo™ Saliva Ejectors and Valves are designed with a unique, one‑way valve to provide a physical barrier that prevents the backflow as described in the CDC"s warning on saliva ejectors.?The one‑way valve closes when the suction is blocked or restricted to prevent the risk of cross‑contamination from backflow. The integrity of suction and performance of the saliva ejector or HVE tip is not affected, so there is no need to change how you work in order to protect your patients.Safe‑Flo™ ?Saliva Ejectors: Fully assembled saliva ejector with Safe‑Flo Valve replaces your favorite saliva ejector brand. Slightly shortens exposed length of the saliva ejector, making it less flexible, allowing for easier tissue retraction and better access. Available in white and clear

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