J. MORITA Morita Microsurgical Blade #390C Feather 10/box


Feather Microsurgical Blades are made of high‑quality stainless steel with a two‑step grinding process which produces ultra‑sharp cutting edges. The round/tapered shape is specifically designed for dental surgery and offers easy handling.?They allow surgical precision with a very fine incision and are thus ideal for microsurgery and use with a microscope. Feather blades are appropriate for a wide variety of procedures for periodontal and regenerative surgery such as sulcus incision on thin gingiva, creating flaps, molar surgery, papillary incisions, and much more.?All blades are gamma‑sterilized and can be used immediately after opening the package. Multiple handle designs are available. Additionally, these blades are compatible with any standard‑sized blade handle.?

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