Ultraform Cobalt Nitrile Powder Free Gloves


MICROFLEX® Ultraform® are thin nitrile gloves that reliably protect hands while offering exceptional tactility for jobs requiring fine motor control. Designed with ERGOFORM Ergonomic Design Technology, these thin, tactile gloves are proven to reduce the amount of muscle effort wearers exert while performing repetitive tasks when compared to similar disposable nitrile gloves. This is important, as OSHA states that performing repetitive tasks can lead to musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) and injury. The soft nitrile of MICROFLEX Ultraform exam gloves comfortably forms to hands, for a superior fit and feel during extended wear.

Compliant with US Food Contact regulations, MICROFLEX Ultraform are a great choice to protect the hands of food workers. Because these thin nitrile gloves are medical grade, they can be used by healthcare and dental professionals when treating patients. Their thin design and chemical splash resistance make MICROFLEX Ultraform a good option for lab researchers handling delicate glassware, equipment and instruments. Smartly packed with 300 gloves per dispenser box, these lightweight, tactile gloves save money and reduce waste.

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