Soothe-Guard Air Lead-Free Apron


Reduce Radiation Exposure Levels by 30% by using a?RINN Soothe‑Guard Air Lead‑Free?or?Soothe‑Guard Lead‑lined?Radiography Apron with Thyroid Collar. Both sides are easy to clean ‑ will not crack, chalk or fade when cleaned with soap and water or Volo Disinfecting Wipe. Velcro closure keeps aprons securely fastened. Exclusive colors to match today"s office color choices. Thyroid protection for all sizes: Extended‑collar aprons available. Soothe‑Guard Air Lead‑Free Option: 25% lighter than lead‑lined aprons. Easier handling for the dental professional. Lead‑free alloy?(Soothe‑Guard Air).

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Cool Grey, Light Blue, Navy Blue


.35 mm




Adult Dual Pano, Adult with Collar, Child Dual Pano

Product Number:

DT-861805001, DT-861905001, DT-861905400, DT-861905500, DT-862005001, DT-862005400