Reprosil VPS Impression Material


Reprosil Heavy Body Cartridge System provides all the benefits of a true, heavy‑bodied tray material with all the convenience of cartridge mixing and dispensing. This material has an ideal consistency for all prosthodontic impression techniques including double arch tray impressions. Patient acceptance is enhanced by the lack of taste or odor. The minimum removal time has been reduced to allow for quicker mouth removal and to increase chairside productivity.

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50 ml, 90 ml, Small


24/pk, 4/box, Kit


Heavy Body Cartridge Refill, Heavy Body Tube Refill Base & Catalyst, Light Body Cartridge Refill, Light Body Tube Refill Base & Catalyst, Mixing Tips, Regular Body Cartridge Refill, Regular Body Tube Refill Base & Catalyst

Product Number:

DT-626170, DT-626175, DT-626180, DT-626210, DT-626220, DT-626380, DT-626600