Prelude Adhesive System


Prelude is extremely forgiving for the presence of moisture. Too wet, or too dry is not a concern. Its water/ethanol formulation tolerates an environment that would adversely affect many other products. Prelude Primer ‑ The primer is water based with a methacryl phosphate and hydrophilic monomer to condition the tooth prior to restoration. Prelude Adhesive ‑ When used by itself, without the self‑etching primer, serves as a superior total‑etch adhesive when total etch technique is preferred. It compares to Optibond™ Solo Plus. Prelude Link ‑ Converts Prelude Adhesive to dual‑cure when needed for self/dual cure composites. Link makes Prelude ideal for posts and other indirect restorations.

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5 ml Bottle


2/pk, each


Adhesive, Primer, Primer/Adhesive

Product Number:

DM-90972, DM-90974, DM-91024