Nupro Prophy Paste


Explore a “NU WORLD” of Flavor. Largest selection of great-tasting, gluten‑free flavours. Excellent stain removal and polishing performance. Unique proprietary formulation designed to deliver consistent, splatter‑free performance. Rinses easily and completely. Colour-coded grits.

Additional information


340 g, 400 g, One Size


Bubble Extreme, Cherry, Cherry Blast, Grape, Mint, none, Orange, Razzberry


200/box, 3/box, each


Coarse, Fine, Medium, Plus, Prophy Grips

Product Number:

DT-801111, DT-801112, DT-801122, DT-801126, DT-801127, DT-801171, DT-801207, DT-801211, DT-801212, DT-801221, DT-801222, DT-801225, DT-801226, DT-801227, DT-801231, DT-801232, DT-801299, DT-801300, DT-801301, DT-801302, DT-801309, DT-801310, DT-801311, DT-801321, DT-801322