MicroDefense Nitrile Powder Free Antimicrobial Blue Gloves


Though conventional gloves provide a barrier between healthcare worker and patient, they do not prevent microbes from being transmitted from one surface to another. That"s where SafeTouch MicroDefense gloves come in. MicroDefense gloves have antimicrobial technology that kills up to 99.999% of tested microbes within just 5 minutes of contact. Skin‑safe and safe for oral use. Non‑leach technology ensures active ingredients are not transferred to patients.Mode of action: Active ingredient is a photosensitizer that generates singlet oxygen when exposed to light, oxidizing the bacteria"s protein and lipid, killing the microbe. (Thickness: 0.07 mm / 2.5 mils)

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AR-1230A, AR-1230B, AR-1230C, AR-1230D, AR-1230E