Metal Finishing Strips


GC NEW METAL STRIPS?are ideal for trimming and finishing interproximal surfaces such as: composites, glass ionomers or metal restorations. The fact that they will not stretch or break is what makes them unique from other brands. The excellent wear resistancy and superior abrasive bonding allow wet finishing, which assures long‑lasting and repeated use. The GC NEW METAL STRIPS are sterilizable and autoclavable.

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Blue, Green, Red, Yellow


140 microns, 50 microns, 70 microns, 90 microns, Assorted Sizes




#1000 Mesh A-Width Fine, #1000 Mesh Assorted Fine, #1000 Mesh B-Width Fine, #1000 Mesh C-Width Fine, #200 Mesh A-Width Extra Coarse, #200 Mesh Assorted Extra Coarse, #200 Mesh B-Width Extra Coarse, #200 Mesh C-Width Extra Coarse, #300 Mesh A-Width Coarse, #300 Mesh Assorted Width Coarse, #300 Mesh B-Width Coarse, #300 Mesh C-Width Coarse, #600 Mesh A-Width Medium, #600 Mesh Assorted Medium, #600 Mesh B-Width Medium, #600 Mesh C-Width Medium, Assorted Package

Product Number:

GC-000251, GC-000252, GC-000253, GC-000254, GC-000255, GC-000256, GC-000257, GC-000258, GC-000259, GC-000260, GC-000261, GC-000262, GC-000263, GC-000264, GC-000265, GC-000266, GC-000267