J Morita Disposable Dental Needles Plastic Hub


Morita’s disposable dental needles are designed for Luer‑lock and screw‑on type syringes. These needles feature an indicator dot on the hub to ensure easy identification of the lancet bevel position for less insertion pain at the injection site. The containers are colour-coded for easy identification. The universal plastic hub fits most syringe types.

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Additional information


Blue, Green, Yellow


0.3 x 21 mm (Short), 0.3 x 25 mm (Long), 0.4 x 21 mm (Short), 0.4 x 30 mm (Long), 0.5 x 30 mm (Long)



Product Number:

JM-20-25GL, JM-20-27GL, JM-20-27GS, JM-20-30GL, JM-20-30GS