Gradia Direct X LC Composite Restorative Unitip


GRADIA DIRECT X?has the same great handling you"ve come to love from GRADIA DIRECT; it now has 60% more radiopacity. GRADIA DIRECT X simplifies your aesthetic restorations by combining smooth handling, durability and high polishability into a single, universal composite. This product has been designed to provide excellent wear resistance and "natural feel” in the mouth without wearing away opposing enamel.

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Shade X-A1, Shade X-A2, Shade X-A3, Shade X-A3.5, Shade X-AO2, Shade X-B1, Shade X-B2, Shade X-BW, Shade X-C2, Shade X-XBW


10/box, 20/box

Product Number:

GC-002590, GC-002591, GC-002592, GC-002593, GC-002596, GC-002597, GC-002598, GC-002599, GC-002793, GC-002794