G-Aenial Sculpt Nano-Hybrid Composite 0.3 g Unitip Refill


G‑ænial Sculpt is a compactable, universal composite that features the same high density, uniform dispersion nano‑filler technology found in G‑ænial™ Universal Flo. This creates a resin that is easy to shape, sculpt and polish. G‑ænial Sculpt provides a strong, wear‑resistant and radiopaque finished restoration with beautiful esthetics. A self‑shining effect enables simple, rough finishing with a bur to bring the restoration to a beautiful luster that will continue to increase in polish over time with excellent “chameleon” shade match to enamel. This feature helps to provide an exceptional clinical outcome for a wide variety of clinical procedures. It is available in 17 shades in either syringe or unitip delivery.

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Shade A1, Shade A2, Shade A3, Shade A3.5, Shade AO1, Shade AO2, Shade AO3, Shade B1, Shade BW, Shade C1, Shade XBW


0.3 g Unitip


10/pk, 20/pk

Product Number:

GC-009169, GC-009170, GC-009171, GC-009172, GC-009173, GC-009174, GC-009177, GC-009178, GC-009179, GC-009180, GC-009181, GC-009182