Fuji Ortho LC Automix


GC Fuji ORTHO LC Automix and GC Fuji ORTHO BAND LC Automix are light‑cured, resin‑reinforced orthodontic glass ionomer adhesives available in “easy‑to‑use” automix paste packs. GC ORTHO GEL CONDITIONER is a 20% polyacrylic acid designed to mildly condition enamel. The bonding of metal or ceramic brackets or bands, attachments and acrylic appliances has been made easier by these two products. They are available in syringe delivery with brush tips for easy application.

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7.2 ml Cartridge




Cartridge Gel Conditioner and Accessories, Refill Cartridge and Mixing Pad

Product Number:

GC-003102, GC-003103