Exa Advanced VPS Impression Material


With EXA Advanced VPS impression materials you get handling, accuracy, thixotropicity, elastic recovery, stackability, and pourability that are second to none. The high hydrophilicity of EXA Advanced VPS materials mean they flow uniformly, eliminate voids and capture details more precisely. EXA materials offer virtually no shrinkage and are so dimensionally stable that an accurate model can be poured up to two weeks after the impression has been taken. EXA Advanced VPS impression material in Fast Set and Normal Set, flow well, and have elastic recovery characteristics and have increased tear strength over EXAMIX and EXAFAST, which make the first impression a lasting impression.

Additional information


Blue, Pink, Purple, Yellow


48 ml Cartridge




Heavy Body Fast Set, Heavy Body Regular Set, Injection Type Fast Set, Injection Type Regular Set, Monophase Fast Set, Monophase Regular Set, Regular Body Fast Set, Regular Body Regular Set

Product Number:

GC-137110, GC-137111, GC-137112, GC-137113, GC-137116, GC-137117, GC-137118, GC-137119