B-Lok Flat Tray Non Autoclavable


B‑Lok Flat trays are used to hold instruments and other items needed for dental procedures. These can be used with covers that are compatible to protect items from contamination.

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), 10, 11), 7, 8, 9, Amber, and Yellow, Aqua, Aquamarine Blue, Assordted Shades, Assorted, Assorted (Blue, Assorted Classic Colours, Assorted Colours, Assorted Colours (Blue, Assorted Colours (Wilderness (Green/Yellow/Black) Flamingo (Pink/White) Patriotic (Red/White/Blue), Assorted Jewel Colours, Assorted Shades (A1/A2/A3/A3.5/A4/HKA2.5), Assorted Shades A1/A2/A3/A3.5/B1/B3, Assorted Shades A2/A3/A3.5/B1/B3, Assorted Shades: A1 – A2 – A3, Assorted Vibrant Colours, Assorted(Blue – Green – Peach – Purple), Assoted Colours, Augusta Sky, Azalea Festival, Beige, Bisque, Black, Black Bristles, Black Frame/Clear Lens, Black Frame/Grey Lens, Black Frame/Grey Tips/Grey Lens, Black Markings with Black Handle, Black Markings with Silver Handle, Black Ring, Black/Black, Black/Blue, Black/Grey, Black/Orange, Black/Red, Black/Silver, Black/Violet, Black/White, Blue, Blue & Orange, Blue Frame/Clear Lens, Blue Handle, Blue Hub / Yellow Tip, Blue Hub with Black Tip, Blue Purple, Blue/Black/White, Blue/Blue, Blue/Clear, Blue/Grey, Blue/Orange, Blue/Red, Blue/White, Bright Blue, Bright Fuchsia, Bright Lavender, Brown, Brown Cap, Brown with Black Straw, Brown with Clear Straw, Bubbles Design, Buff, Burgundy, Chrome, Clear, Clear & Orange, Clear Frame/Clear Lens, Clear White, Clear/Blue, Clear/Brown, Clear/Clear/Blue, Clear/Dark Blue, Clear/Orange/Blue, Clear/White, Cobalt, Colour Changing, Colour Coded, Cool Grey, Copper, Cornflower Blue, Cream, Creamy White, Cup & Scoop, Dark, Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Grey, Dark Purple, Deep Blue, Dentin Shade A1/B1, Dentin Shade Bleach Opaque, Dentin Shade White Bleach, Dentine Shade, Dispensing Gun, Dove Grey, Dusty Rose, Emerald Green, Enamel Shade White Opalescent, Flamingo, Georgia Sun, Gold, Golden, Golden Brown, Gray, Green, Green Dries Clear, Green Handle, Green/Red, Green/Yellow, Grey, Grey & Red, Grey Frame/Grey Lens, Grey with Purple Housing, Grey/Clear, Healthy Teeth Design, Hello Kitty Design, Hot Pink, Indigo, Ivory, Ivory Shade, Lavender, Lavender/Grey, Lavender/Lavender, Light, Light Blue, Light Green, Light Grey, Light Shade, Lilac, Lilac Blue, Lime, Lush Lawn, Manilla, Mauve, Medium Shade, Midnight Blue, Mint Green, Mixing Tips, Multi Colour (Blue – Green – Orange – Red – Yellow – White), Multi Colour: Blue, N/A, Natural, Navy Blue, Neon Blue, Neon Green, Neon Orange, Neon Pink, Neon Purple, Neon Yellow, No Artificial Colours, No Shade, None, Ocean Blue, Ocean Surf, One Shade, Opaque, Opaque Black, Orange, Orange Burst, Pale Yellow, Pastel Yellow, Peach, Pink, Pink/Pink, Pink/White, Pink/Yellow, Plum, Plumb, Polar White, Purple, Purple to Green, Purple/Pink/Green, Purple/Pink/White, Rainbow, Rainbow Colour, Red, Red), Red/Black/Red, Red/Blue, Red/White, Red/White/Black, Red/White/Blue, Red/White/Red, Rose, Royal Blue, Shade 0A3.5, Shade 2, Shade A00, Shade A1, Shade A1 – A2 – A3 – A3.5 – B2, Shade A1/B1, Shade A10, Shade A2, Shade A2 and Shade A3, Shade A2 Opaque, Shade A2.5, Shade A2/B2, Shade A20, Shade A3, Shade A3.5, Shade A3/D3, Shade A30, Shade A4, Shade A5, Shade AO1, Shade AO2, Shade AO3, Shade B1, Shade B2, Shade B3, Shade B4, Shade Bleach, Shade Body A1, Shade Body A2, Shade Body A3, Shade Body A3.5, Shade Body A4, Shade Body B1, Shade Body B3, Shade Body C1, Shade Body C2, Shade Body C3, Shade Body C4, Shade Body D2, Shade Body D3, Shade Body W, Shade Body XL, Shade Brown, Shade BW, Shade C1, Shade C2, Shade C3, Shade C4, Shade Clear, Shade D2, Shade D3, Shade Dentin, Shade Dentin A2-O, Shade Dentin A4-O, Shade Dentin B2-O, Shade Dentin C1-O, Shade Dentin C4-O, Shade Dentin D3-O, Shade Enamel Universal, Shade Enamel Universal (6, Shade Guide, Shade Gum, Shade HKA2.5, Shade JE, Shade Natural, Shade O-A2, Shade OA2, Shade OA3, Shade OBW, Shade Off-White, Shade OLC, Shade OM, Shade OMC, Shade Opaque Bleach, Shade Opaque W-O, Shade Opaque White, Shade Pedo, Shade Translucent, Shade Universal, Shade WT, Shade X A1, Shade X A2, Shade X A3, Shade X A3.5, Shade X BW, Shade X-A1, Shade X-A2, Shade X-A3, Shade X-A3.5, Shade X-AO2, Shade X-B1, Shade X-B2, Shade X-BW, Shade X-C2, Shade X-XBW, Shade XBW, Shade XL, Silver, Silver Grey, Silver Instrument, Sky, Sky Blue, Smoke Grey, Soft Blue, Southern Bellflower, Tan, Teal, Teal Green, Teal/White, Titanium Grey, Translucent, Translucent and Shade A2, Translucent Shade A2, Translucent Yellow, Transparent, Transparent Red, Transparent Yellow, Turquoise, Undyed, Universal Shade, Vibrant, Vibrant Green, Violet, White, White and Brown Speckled, White Frost, White Paste, White/Blue, White/Green, White/Pink, White/White, Yellow, Yellow Markings with Silver Handle, Yellow Ring, Yellow to Red, Yellow), Yellow/Black, Yellow/Blue/Red, Yellow/Green Markings with Black Handle, Yellow/Green Markings with Silver Handle, Yellow/Silver, Yellowish Tan


13.88 x 9.63 x .94 in



Product Number:

Z-20Z401A MB, Z-20Z401B MB, Z-20Z401D MB, Z-20Z401G MB, Z-20Z401I MB, Z-20Z401J MB, Z-20Z401N MB, Z-20Z401O MB, Z-20Z401P MB, Z-20Z401Q MB, Z-20Z401R MB, Z-20Z401S MB, Z-20Z401T MB