Aquasil Ultra+


Aquasil Ultra+ Smart Wetting Impression Material is a final VPS impression material indicated for use in all impression techniques. With market leading intraoral hydrophilicity and intraoral tear strength, Aquasil Ultra+ material is optimized to perform when clinicians need it most, while in the challenging oral environment, enabling for high detail reproduction while minimizing risks of voids and tears. Aquasil Ultra+ material is available in multiple viscosities, work/set times, and delivery options. Aquasil Ultra+ material provides clinicians with a full range of performance and choices to satisfy a wide range of impression situations.

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Green, Orange, Purple


250 ml, 50 ml


2/box, 4/box


Heavy Set Tray material, Medium Fast Set Tray Maretiral, Medium Regular Set Tray Material, Regular Set Tray Material, Soft Putty Fast Set Refill, XLV Fast Set Tray Material, XVL Regular Set Tray Material

Product Number:

DT-678668, DT-678670, DT-678673, DT-678674, DT-678675, DT-678676, DT-678708