Alpen Swiss Diamond Flame Bur #862


Multiple layered diamond instruments are created with uniform coverage of natural diamonds on different surface levels, especially at the all‑important tip. New diamond grits with sharp edges will replace broken-off grains or grains separated from the plating during regular use.

Additional information


Green, Red, Yellow


Head Length 8.00 mm


Shape #862 – 010 Fine FG, Shape #862 – 012 Coarse FG, Shape #862 – 012 Extra Fine FG, Shape #862 – 012 Fine FG, Shape #862 – 014 Coarse FG, Shape #862 – 016 Coarse FG



Product Number:

CW-R862C012FG, CW-R862C014FG, CW-R862C016FG, CW-R862EF012FG, CW-R862F010FG, CW-R862F012FG


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